Welcome to the Rotary Club of Wetherill Park

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Club News
Our club is currently looking into undertaking a project to upgrade Braeside Hospital's viewing room to make for a more pleasant experience for patients and visitors.
Soon we will apply for a Rotary District grant to fund 50% of the $10,000 project.
Upgrades will include painting of the walls, new furniture (lounges, chairs, lamps and coffee tables), wall prints, roller blinds, curtains, coffee machine, cutlery and pot plants.
Thank you to those who joined us for this year's Changeover and just for something different (pandemic induced) it was virtual! Congratulations to the new President, Brigette Pecora and new board for their election
Since we were all Zooming from home,we took the opportunity to celebrate in theme and wore our best pyjamas. Many also brought their own pizza and enjoying our favourite wine drop was wholeheartedly encouraged!

Join us for the next monthly meeting on Tuesday, 10 August at 7.30am at Club Marconi, unless COVID restrictions are in place. Then we'll be online at a time to be determined. Bring an interested friend! We'll all be done and dusted quickly in time for you to get back to your business or work.
Interesting tidbit: The first service project of the first Rotary Club was the installation of public toilets in Chicago in 1917.
Some of you may recall the Centurion Plan, which is a way to make personal; contribution of $A100 a year to The Rotary Foundation.
It is tax deductible and has the advantage of 50% of it returning to our District to use as support funds for the grants programs.
Further information, including the contribution form can be found here.


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