Posted by Shane Burette
It's traditionally a quiet time for our club, but this year there is plenty happening and being organised.
We had our 27th Annual Golf Day and one of our most successful yet in May. Roy is the engine behind this event and his dedication and knowledge is invaluable. Above is a picture of the overall winners.
We are currently in planning stage for the popular Police Officer of the Year award and since the last newsletter we have had three very interesting speakers at our monthly meetings.
Our tree planting at the hospital and Indigenous garden are growing nicely and the Changeover dinner is just around the corner being held next month.
You will find more information on many of these events and initiatives below.
Finally, some great news on our continuing storage issue, especially for our Christmas Carols paraphernalia . Rick has kindly offered space on his property for a shed, which looks likely to be donated by a local company. Please come along to our next breakfast meeting in July. Our latest meetings have been some of the best yet with our guest speakers.
We are looking for Club related content for our website, which you can view here. We are looking for content to make the website more about us, to recognise our history; so please email in any articles/ pictures etc. that you might have.
Yours in Rotary,
Shane Burette