Posted by Shane Burette
We are well into the year with Easter just around the corner. The year is flying past so quickly and before we know it our annual Charity Golf Day will be on again on 10 May. So far we have about 60 players registered to play to have fun, win some great prizes and help local worthwhile causes. If you have any golfing buddies be sure to let them know the date and encourage them to join us on the day.
Upcoming events
You will notice throughout this newsletter that we have a few events planned for this year, in addition to our usual Club meetings; so please peruse the calendar and start letting us know what activities you can attend. We are hosting our usual activities this year: our Golf Day, Police Officer of the Year Awards night, Pride of Workmanship and Carols. As well as planning on working with Fairfield Hospital on a garden project and Northwest Roads / M7 with its Share the Path event.
We can only support the Community, by you generously supporting us with your time, so please let us know when you’re available.
We are looking for Club related content for our website, which you can view here.We are looking for content to make the website more about us, to recognise our history; so please email in any articles/ pictures etc. that you might have.
We have done great things for our Community, but together I know we can do greater things in the Future!
Yours in Rotary,
Shane Burette