Our AGM is here next Tuesday, so please give thought to what’s best for our club, where we want to go and who is the best fit for each role.
The club encourages members to attend and take an active part. We are meeting at Club Marconi at 7.30am on 11 December. Breakfast will be provided.
If you’re interested in becoming a board member then please nominate. It’s a real opportunity to do good in our community and to lead our club into the future. If you’re not interested in a board position, then still consider what’s for the best of the club, who is currently actively involved and vote accordingly.
Also the club is joining with Ray White Real Estate, Wetherill Park to bring some much needed Christmas joy to homicide victims.
Please bring in any toys you can to donate. Donated toys will go to the Homicide Victims Support Group (HVSG) who will give the toys to victims.
Roy and Rick will play Rotary Santa and deliver the toys to HVSG in Parramatta on 13 December.